Filling, Capping & Labeling Line

the ISO 9001 & GMP standards

ISO 9001 & GMP

Filling, Capping & Labeling Facility


The Filling, Capping, and Labeling line is a production line typically used in industries such as pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food and beverages, and other manufacturing sectors. It is a combination of machines and equipment designed to automate the processes of filling products into containers, sealing or capping them, and applying labels.

The Filling, Capping, and Labeling line significantly enhances productivity, accuracy, and efficiency in packaging processes. By automating these critical steps, it reduces manual labor, minimizes errors, ensures consistent output, and increases the overall production capacity.

Central Control System

The Filling, Capping, and Labeling line is controlled by a centralized control system. It allows operators to monitor and control the parameters of each machine, such as filling volume, capping torque, label placement, speed control, and overall line coordination.
The control system for a filling machine is a critical component that ensures the accurate and reliable operation of the machine. It typically consists of hardware and software components that work together to control and monitor various parameters during the filling process.

Filling, Capping & Labeling line Technical Specifications

Volume20 cc – 20000 cc20 cc – 20000 ccWxL mm20-160 x 300
Quantity200 pcs – 2400 pcs /h200 pcs – 2400 pcs/hCoil Diameter300 mm
Sensitivity0,5%———–Output Speed20 m/min
SystemElectromagnetic Flow Meter (Endress+Houser), Volumetric or LoadcellPick and place with gripper head, pneumatic motor or head with controlling mechanical torqueNumber of labelingMax 3000 pcs/h
Roll diameter76 mm
Nozzle SystemNozzle with Internal ClosingModule MotorStepper motor
Nozzle Quantity1 pcs – 12 pcs
Working Pressure6-8 Bar6-8 Bar———
Working Voltage380 Volt / 50 Hz380 Volt / 50 Hz220 volt / 50 Hz
Control Voltage24V DC24V DC24V DC
Control UnitPLCPLCCoding unitOptional
Product SensorDiffuse Optical SensorDiffuse Optical SensorDiffuse Optical Sensor
Conveyor systemModuler bandModuler bandModuler band
Conveyor Motor380 Volt 0.37 kW380 Volt 0.37 kW380 Volt 0.37 kW
Electricity consumption4 KW1,5 KW1 KW
Conveyor UnitAISI 304 Chassis with Moduler bandAISI 304 Chassis with Moduler bandAISI 304 Chassis with Moduler band
Conveyor Width82.5mm-165mm82.5mm-165mm82.5mm-165mm
Pneumatic materialsFESTO/SMCFESTO/SMCThere is no labelOptional

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